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As you enter our 9,000 square foot location, you will be greeted with an instant taste of Tennessee Americana and a friendly welcome from owner Gene & Judy Wessel - as well as - the courteous and knowledgeable staff - Lynn, Caroline and Phyllis.

Homespun Craft Mall first opened its doors in July 1993 and currently is home for over 150 of the finest vendors from Tennessee and all over the United States.

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Besides being the home of
Da Bears Shop for the past 8 years, Homespun Craft Mall offers a wide variety of specialty crafts such as: fine wood working and cabinetry, floral arrangements, handmade clothing, quilts and quilt holders, handmade candles, soaps and lotions, original paintings and photographs, handmade pottery and jewelry, ribbons and bows, pillows and throws, dolls and teddy bears, personalized stationary and greeting cards, beautiful stained glass from suncatchers to "tiffany" style lamps, antiques and collectibles.

You will also find a full line of craft supplies from everything you'll ever need to make lasting "Memory Albums" to floral supplies, stencils and paints, and much more.

And if you are getting that very last minute gift item - we've got that special card and gift bag for you too!


"It's Like A Craft Show Everyday"


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Dancin' Chicken

Da Bears Chicken Salad

1. Get yourself some chicken breasts - about 2 to 3 lbs (go with the skinless/boneless kind - it'll save lots of time).

2. Put the chicken in a pot covered with water (you can add some onion and/or celery if you like) and cook until done.

3. Take the chicken out of the pot (save the stock for all kinds of other things) and let cool for awhile.

4. Now while the chicken is cooling - you can shred up some carrots and chop up some celery...some crumbled crisp bacon is a nice option too.

5. After the chicken has cooled - shred the chicken up and put it in a mixing bowl.

6. Add the carrots and celery to the shredded chicken and mix them all together.

7. To make the dressing - get some good mayonnaise (I like JFG - no "lite" stuff - you want this to taste good - right!!!) and some good honey.

8. Mix the mayonnaise and honey together at about two parts mayonnaise to one part honey (when you make this again - and you will! - you can adjust this to your taste) add some thyme and black pepper and mix this all into the the shredded chicken.

9. Get yourself some good bread and make yourself a sandwich - just one sandwich now - you really want to save some for other people to try - I know it'll be hard to do since this tastes so great - but remember - sharing is a very good thing!!!

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