Teddy Bear Buyer's Anonymous

12 Step Program

Teddy Bear Collector

1. When leaving home, never admit to anyone, including yourself, that you just might end up at a teddy bear shop or show.

2. Rearrange all your teddy bears at home so that there is no room to slip another teddy bear in unnoticed.

3. Always wear clothes with pockets when leaving home in case you should end up at a teddy bear shop or show so you'll have a place to keep your hands at all times.

4. Never, never, never, obey the request of a vendor to "Feel free to pick them up and hug them".

5. Never make eye contact with a teddy bear.

6. Try to always take your spouse with you if you can't resist going to a teddy bear shop or show. This sometimes works as a last resort...especially if they're cheap.

7. Never subscribe to a teddy bear magazine. They may look innocent, but they're dynamite.

8. Dieting to save the money to satisfy your habit doesn't work. You just end up buying twice as many.

9. Don't dress poorly in hopes the vendor won't trust your check or credit card. They know teddy bear people are all honest.

10. Prayer doesn't work. God loves teddy bears too.

11. Promise yourself that you will look at every teddy bear before buying. This may slow you down a bit.

12. If all fails, buy the nearest teddy bear and "hug the heck out of it".

by Bill Sneeringer

Remnant Bears & Furry Friends

Eureka California

Teddy Bear Collector

One final thought...never ever touch a computer

There are all kinds of
teddy bears in there just waiting for you

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