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Teddy Bear Fools the Cops

The scene: Berkshire Hills, Massachusetts.

The plot: Bears have been repeatedly sited this summer in this small New England town.

The drama: Resident Margaret Lowry was alarmed to find a sleeping black bear cuddled up in her garden so she called police. The bear police arrived. The first task was to awaken the slumbering bear, which the two officers tried to do with a blast of the police cruiser siren. No luck. So they called in a backup environmental officer who used a special noisemaking device that sounds like a firecracker. That bear just kept snoozing. Then the cops poked it with a long stick. Aha! The bear wasn't asleep. It was a toy! No one knows how the four-foot long stuffed teddy bear found its way into Lowry's garden. Dispatcher Gregory Charon says police had no reason to suspect the creature wasn't real. "Based on what's been happening this summer, it wasn't something the officers wanted to get close to without knowing," Charon said. The bear is now resting comfortably at the police station. No cage required.

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