First race scheduled for May 5th 2010

ENTRY FEE - The entry fee is $15.00. Of that amount, $5.00 will be for return of the car at the end of the series with the rest going to shipping to the tracks (any money left over will go to prizes). For entries other than USA and Canada, please contact me as to the entry fee. Entry fee may be paid by personal check (may be enclosed with car) or PayPal.


Bruce Kraemer
7914 Gleason Dr #1125
Knoxville TN 37919

BODY - Any modern Artin, Carrera, SCX, or Scalextric NASCAR COY & COT body allowed - exception: no SCX Pro NASCAR or early "black window" Scalextric's are not permitted. Body must be stock, repaints allowed (Artin's will be allowed to fill-in grille area to mimic a specific make), must use stock window glass, Tray interior allowed - must have driver figure. Tires/wheels and guide must not be seen when car is viewed from above. Body must be removable from chassis - mounting type is open.

CHASSIS - Must use chassis that comes with car. Modifications will be allowed for motor placement, but must be one piece and retain stock front/rear bushing uprights (exception: Artin and older Scalextric will be allowed to install either bushings or tubing or stops for the front axle, but must be in stock location and maintain the upright.). No aftermarket motor pods allowed. No magnets allowed. Weight may be added, but can not be applied under the chassis. Reinforcement of the guide area allowed with any material.

MOTOR - Any motor allowed - No restrictions.

REAR TIRES - The appropriate YellowDog SuperTires rear tires are mandatory for all entries. This tire is available for all the allowable cars' wheels. Stock wheels must use the specific tire for that manufacturer. Any aftermarket wheels sized 15x8 may be used, but must use any of the YD tires specific to a stock manufacturer's wheel - YD1101 / YD1303 / YD1601 - or the YD1404 for Super Wheels SS/CBD / Slot.It / or any other 15x8 wheel this tire will fit.

RUNNING GEAR - The stock Artin, Carrera, Scalextric, or SCX wheels may be used, or any aftermarket 15x8 rear wheels which must have appropriate inserts (Super Wheels SS/CBD excepted. Tires may be sanded/trued, but any obvious sanding of the rear and/or front tires to lower the car will be disallowed. Option of swapping entire or part of rear axle assembly from one make to another allowed (i.e. Scalextric sidewinder to an Artin, etc.) - this includes: wheels, axle, bushings, and crown or spur gear. Rear axle, gears, and bushings/bearings may be replaced with aftermarket parts. Guide may be replaced. No additives may be used on the tires.

MISC. - All cars must have a minimum of 3 racing numbers - roof and both door panels. Fantasy paint schemes allowed. Entrant's name must be shown on the underside of the chassis. Spare parts are allowed - no spare body or chassis.

INSPECTION/PENALTIES - Any entry not found meeting the rules will be returned or if possible corrected with the entrant's permission. Any car deemed undriveable by any host track will be allowed to be corrected with entrant's permission or receive a DNS (Did Not Start) if not possible to do so and awarded last place points. Any entry that develops a part(s) failure will receive a DNF (Did Not Finish) and awarded points for its placement in the finishing order - entry may be repaired if parts available if permission given or returned to the entrant - cost of mailing back and to the next event will be borne by the entrant.

Any entry received past the official start date will penalized one second per day for the first race. Any entry received after 7 days will receive a DNS and last place points.

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